HUP.LIFE ($HUP) Moonsheet- See how HUP, endorsed by Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak stack up against some of the favorite meme, animal or charity projects 🥇 : altcoin


HUP is here to solve the NFT Permanence Problem, see below how it beats other projects;

HUP.LIFE A Game-Changing Marketplace For Artists & Collectors To Fully Monetize Their NFTs And Unlock Unlimited Possibilities Through Copyright.

Key info about HUP;

✔ $HUP is building an NFT Marketplace that enables visual artists and collectors to authenticate their artwork, find copycats across the web, and sell (or license) the copyright alongside their NFTs – through an all-in-one solution that complies with international copyright & securities law

✔ $HUP Solves the NFT Permanence Problem and Hosts Metadata and Image/Video Files Through a Decentralized, Resilient File Hosting Protocol

✔ $HUP Automatically Rewards Holders, Burns Tokens, and Pledges a Contribution to Charity Every Transaction

✔ $HUP’s Anti-Whale Dumping Mechanism Promotes Community Growth and Stability

✔ $HUP Holders Help Shape the Project’s Future Through our 1 Wallet, 1 Vote Community Governance Framework

✔ $HUP is Supported by Apple Co-founder Steve waozniak Project Endorsed by Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak and Creators, including Colin Mochrie

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  • 2% of every transaction BURNED TO OBLIVION

  • 2% of every transaction DONATED TO CHARITIES

  • 2% of every transaction REWARDED TO HOLDERS

  • 2% of every transaction LOCKED TO LIQUIDITY

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