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This is my portfolio, 40% in ETH as I’m a believer in ETH 2.0 making ETH the first blockchain with high consumer and institutional adaption, PoS, scalability and so on.

Rest is a mix of handpicked coins and the top market cap coins. Planning a 40:60 ratio for the time being. Thoughts? Also any particular technologies or niches I am not exposed to? Would love your thougts on that aswell.

The handpicked coins are:

Low market cap (~250th), being used, top 10 on-chain transactions. Check out their partnerships with UN and more on their website.

Serves to get exposure to oracle technology. Also a top 10-15 market cap coin.

Because BSC is the alternative to Ethereum for the time being. PancakeSwap has higher volume than Uniswap recently. Kind of a hedge against ETH also?

For the disruptive potential on the whole online experience and already solid adaption. Users are increasing every week.

Because it is the largest DEX, to get exposure to true DeFi as opposed to XRP, BNB, CAKE that are all centralized in some way.

I have also chosen to ban some coins (subject to change), these are:


These coins have in common that their primary usecase is as payment tokens.

The rest (BNB, XRP, ADA and DOT) are the top market cap coins excluding BTC that I don’t already hold.

My actual portfolio right now.

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