Nigerian Prince wants your money, but now it’s for a good cause (NYJA) : altcoin


TLDR: Two weeks old coin, original meme, not listed yet, devs didn’t sold out during ATH, devs stayed active during post-pump, original NFT charity receipts when you donate (WIP), already donated 4k and low price due to devs focusing on planning and developing instead of promo. Also, Infographics in the bottom, since they are too big

Introduction (you can skip this part)

During your life you might have received a mail by the Prince of Nigeria asking you to use your bank account in order to move his millions, to save his money temporarily… and you could have thought “THIS SHIT IS A SCAM!”. Well, actually IT WAS, all of those were the result of our creative leader, The Nigerian Prince, who has been getting people’s money through fraudulent ways for years. Nonetheless, today he’s not here to scam you, but to show regret. “How is that?” You will ask. He and his team were caught by the FBI a few years ago, so, after some time on jail and giving back *all* that they got, he decided to change. After being released he went straight up to one stash of money, which luckily hadn’t been found out by the FBI, and decided to make a currency which not only would give money back to its holders, but would also be used for helping those in need.


All applied and waiting for approval. If we get a more healthy volume, since the whales have already dumped, and people come in back, listings could happen in matter of 2-5 days.


All Time High: 2 million

Market cap: 50 thousand

Holders: 710

Locked liquidity: 5% (through DxSale)

Trading fee: 5% redistributed among holders | 5% for charity

Slippage: 11-13%

Contract: 0x6B7eE4b89dc95DE49370e10102363dB85DCeF0E3

Useful links

Pancakeswap (buy)

Chart (Poocoin)

Chart (Goswap)






Plans for the future

Simple explanation on the project (infographic)

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