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PaiSwap Overview

The Pizzap Decentralized Exchange (DEX) named PAISwap builds upon what has been achieved by other projects in this space like Uniswap and Sushiswap, but built upon a blockchain layer that greatly reduces the fees associated with trading while maintaining the same level of accessibility by having liquidity options provided by all the most popular cryptocurrencies. The details of the DEX will be released in a later whitepaper dedicated to the platform.

The DEX will operate with a traditional liquidity model with Pizzap’s own liquidity token that provides incentives for holders and provides a medium for decentralized governance.

Liquidity Token – Introducing MAPI

With the DEX, Pizzap introduces the MAPI token native to the Plian blockchain which will power everything from trades, liquidity rewards to decentralized governance and community growth. Through MAPI, users will be rewarded for just holding the token by redistributing trade fees paid for in MAPI. A portion of these fees will be burned creating an inherently deflationary supply to drive the incentive to hold and lend.

Total issuance: 100 million, distributed as follows:

  • 45% is rewarded to the supporters who actively participate in PaiSwap.

  • 2% is rewarded to those who promote Pizzap community development including community building, community service, etc.

  • 25% is allocated to the DAO fund pool which subjects to community supervision. The use of funds includes but is not limited to ecosystem construction, sponsorship, etc.

  • 7% is allocated to the community public offering. The maximum supply for fixed-price sales is 3% of the total issuance. The maximum supply for public auction is 4% of the total issuance.

  • 8% is rewarded to core contributors who play important roles in project and community development prior to full handover to the community.

  • 1% is rewarded to community members who keep active in community and promote projects to the world.

  • 12% is rewarded to the initial liquidity providers for DAO token MAPI.

As MAPI will be the primary trading pair and currency within Pizzap, fee generation will play a powerful role in the value of the token. To drive this value, each transaction will have a 10% handling fee which will be distributed as follows: 3% will be distributed to all existing MAPI holders, 2% will be burned directly and the remaining 5% will be added back to the liquidity pool for automated market making.

The overall MAPI ecosystem is outlined in Figure 6. Specifically, an important token economic of PaiSwap is to get 10% commission fee of MAPI for the trading. For these commission fee, 50% of MAPI amount will be sent to LP pool. And 30% MAPI will be return to MAPI holders. 20% MAPI will be burned.

Figure 6. MAPI Token Ecosystem

Pizzap DAO

When it comes down to further development and growth of the platform, no one knows better than the community as to where development is most needed and how to use available funding. This is perhaps the most powerful use of MAPI will be in the use of governing the development and growth of the Pizzap platform. 25% of the total MAPI supply will be allocated to DAO funding, with the community, the MAPI token holders, determining how it is spent. This spending can go towards technical development as well as community and ecosystem development.

The main DAO function of MAPI includes:

  1. List other new projects in PaiSwap.

  2. The key attribution of mNFT including the number of uses

  3. The IP resource/target of IVO

  4. The usage of community share
    a. Sponsorship
    b. vNFT social media function evolution

  5. Management of DAO community members

  6. Some other extended DAO functions

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