SKYLARK Rocket Moon GO Finance [$140K market cap] [26 days old] 1000 Holders, Where we’re going, we don’t need charts. The first gamifide Dual Reflect Token in the cryptoverse. Live on CMC : altcoin


I guarantee that you will weep tears of joy when you see this shining beacon of hope in an otherwise dark world of dead-end meme moons.

It is a rare thing when you can say without a doubt that this is the first time you’ve encountered something. This pioneering project is not only a hidden gem but a historical moment in our beloved crypto space.

These fantastic guys at Rocket Moon GO have programmed two RFI tokens to interact with each other. If you sell one, a percentage of the reflect fees reduces the supply of the other. To be clear… if you dump, you pump the opposite token; it’s a lot of fun. But they didn’t stop there; they had the vision to find utility in this new tokenomic and turned it into an immersive team game playable by everyone!

They have officially made the first console game in crypto, and lucky for you, they built it on BSC, so it’s cheap and easy to get involved. So crazy no one has thought of this before.

Being the first through the door means that they are well ahead of any potential competitors in what is likely to become the next big wave of projects like this. Dual Reflect Tokens will become a heavily fought battleground; you wait.

They have worked with world-leading designers and developers to bring the game to life. The UI is called CONSOLE, and it’s currently in version one; V1 is driven purely by price data.

The game control is simple. Trade action activates exclusive APIs that control sprites on an animated chart. Best of all, it looks incredible, and they are constantly developing it.

It sounds complex, but all you have to do is choose your team and race.

The roadmap has CONSOLE V2 lined up for July, along with many other rewards. The broader roadmap includes airdrops, burns and publicity stunts to drive media attention. They have all bases covered; a quick look at their website says it all.

I get good vibes from this project. What do you think about Dual Reflect Tokens and their utility for gaming on the blockchain?

Total fees on transactions are 14%: 2% Reward to holders, 3% InstaBuy/PowerBurn*, 3% Marketing, 6% Liquidity.

Currently, RMG is a small ambitious team of 6. NoonyNoony and RaceToMoon are the founding members. RMG employs a front end designer, a backend web developer and two admins for operations.

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