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Hello guys. Just wanted to make a quick summary on Akropolis, great DeFi with huge potential, recently merged with yEarn finance and integrated v1 & v2 vaults. Akropolis will serve as institutional player engagement and business development in yEarn DeFi ecosystem. Akropolis is sitting at 332 place on CoinGecko with $140M Market cap at the time of writing. You know what this means, huge potential. Please take a note, this is not pump & dump shitcoin, its legit project with great team, audited contract by Certik, a lot of partnerships and great ideas. They are hiring – VP of Engineering, VP Business Development, Head of Product, Solidity Developers (not one), DeFi Research Analyst. So if you want to work for Akropolis or know someone who would love to now is your time!

CoinGecko –

What is Akropolis:

Akropolis is a provider of decentralized finance products with an emphasis on asset yield generation. Our mission is to give users (both new and crypto-native) the tools to save, grow and provision for the future safely, with access to a variety of non-fiat and non-inflationary assets, without dependence on geography or central counterparty. To do this, Akropolis offers an easy-to-use yield aggregator product featuring curated best-in-class yield generation strategies from various protocols across DeFi, as well as developing our own yield-generation strategies on multiple chains.

Using the Akropolis dApp, users can:

  • Easily onboard into DeFi from their traditional bank accounts via Dharma and Ramp Network.

  • Calculate and compare annual percent yield (APY) of various assets across top DeFi yield generating strategies such as Yearn Finance Vaults.

  • Easily see their balance, average APY, and yield earned.

  • Deposit and withdraw assets and claim yield rewards all in one place.

  • Use dollar-cost averaging to enter positions/strategies (coming soon)

  • Stake their $AKRO tokens for liquidity mining rewards and protocol revenue share (coming soon).

  • Participate in Akropolis protocol governance via Snapshot.

DCA (in progress):

Dollar-cost average is a popular strategy in traditional finance and the crypto community. To put it simply – it is automated, periodic purchases of an asset (commonly referred to as “stacking sats” in BTC community). Regardless of the asset, the DCA strategy has always been to invest periodically (weekly, monthly, etc) in an effort to reduce the impact of volatility on the overall purchase price/cost basis. The purchases occur regardless of the price and at regular intervals. DCA effectively removes much of the headache that comes with attempts to time the market in order to buy an asset at the best prices.

Yield Farming:

Currently AKRO staking offers ~ 32% APY. Rewards are vested for one year, which in my opinion is extremely good, because stops whales from dumping their rewards and drop the price. You are unlocking part of them every day, so 1/365. Once you reach 10K AKRO unlocked rewards they will be send to your wallet, distributions happens twice a month, every two weeks.

r/altcoin - Akropolis - the sleeping giant!

Yearn Vaults:

On the Vaults tab you can find the Yearn strategies v1&v2 integrated. This is the automised product to maximase your yield-farming gains.

yEarn Merger: post-merger AKRO Tokenomics:

– AKRO will stand to accrue a TVL referral fee on funds that enter yEarn vaults/pools through our UI.

– The yEarn team is focused on the underlying vaults and aims to become a provider of vaults-as-a-service.

– Many other aspects outside of the core tech, such as business development, regulatory and other issues are outside of the focus of the core team and something that we can take on, where our natural strength lies as a wider team.

– Conversely, we benefit from close technical collaboration, leveraging the standartised tech stack, unified security processes, and the wider yEarn ecosystem.

– AKRO holders will also receive revenue share via fees from our native yield-generating products.

– New yield generating products are currently in the R&D phase and they will represent a distinct product set outside of the vault space.

– AKRO acts as a governance token for the parameters mentioned below:

– Product features and integrations;

– Fees;

– Propose new Vault strategy;

– Propose Vault strategy selection/creation framework.

r/altcoin - Akropolis - the sleeping giant!


As you can see, the chart is giga bullish, huge cup & handle pattern on 3 days time frame.

r/altcoin - Akropolis - the sleeping giant!

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