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Toad.Network is a month-old BSC token that is bringing change to the yield farming sector.

TOAD decided to offer decentralized liquidity, releasing all liquidity to the community. This concept is called ‘perpetual liquidity’. In exchange for returns, you forfeit a portion up front (10%) to farm LP. You are the guarantor for all other investors. This gives you the option to stake your TOAD/BNB LP tokens to earn additional LP tokens – a new concept in yield farming.

This is in addition to being able to stake TOAD as a single-asset or stake TOAD/BNB LP or TOAD/BUSD LP to earn TOAD (rather than earning LP). These farms do not require the 10% entrance/exit fee as the LP-earning farm does. You have many options of farming on Toad.Network and they’re just getting started!

NOTE: Perpetual liquidity makes it so that the only scenario for a rug-pull is for ALL LP providers to pull their liquidity out simultaneously.

This project has a great team working around the clock to make Toad Network the best yield farming platform around. They’ve designed a beautiful, easy-to-use website, and already have a token you can put to use, right now.

With the amount of copycats and scams being shilled in the BSC communities lately, this project is truly a breath of fresh air. It’s currently around 1-2M marketcap, but due to the decentralized liquidity, you can purchase TOAD without impacting the price like you would other similar marketcap tokens.

How Do I Find Toad?

You can purchase TOAD on PancakeSwap using the contract address below!

Don’t just take my word for it, though. I’m not a financial advisor! Do your own research: Check them out on Twitter, join the Telegram, ask any questions you may have, and join this awesome, growing community (they have really cool custom Telegram stickers, too!)

Toad.Network is here to stay!

NOTE: There are a couple “Toad” projects on BSC. Please make sure you are checking out Toad.Network (Contract address 0x463e737d8f740395abf44f7aac2d9531d8d539e9).

EDIT: Explained the farming system and perpetual liquidity in an easier to understand way.

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