Upcoming Keynote Speech From Verasity’s Financial Director R.Keogh Hosted By Synopsis2021! $VRA : altcoin


Online Summit Synopsis 2021: Hot Trends Is Live from June 1 to 5. Verasity tech $VRA will be a keynote speaker! The broadcast will be carried out simultaneously on popular streaming services, such as YouTube and Verasity.tv !

Hang on! There is more to it!

Synopsis2021.com tweeted on a giveaway raffle, and it’s pretty simple to participate. Check out Synopsis tweet if you wish to follow up and take part! Best of luck everybody.

Official Tweet

While you are at it, 😉 we suggest you follow @verasitytech on twitter to always receive news and announcements on the spot.

Should you have any questions, feel free to either comment on this thread or come over to Verasity’s telegram group and drop a line to the admin team. Official Verasity Channel.

See Coingecko.

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