Ekta Lists on PancakeSwap, Offering over 400% APY through Staking Rewards

Bali, Indonesia, 29 August 2021Ekta, the first blockchain that brings physical assets and communities on-chain, successfully launched its cross-chain mainnet last week and heads toward their first public listing—with over US$5m raised in seed funding and private sales.

Ekta aims to create profit with purpose by bridging the physical world with the digital world. Through the tokenization of real-world assets, Ekta integrates traditional businesses with blockchain technologies and unlocks new economic opportunities for everyday people. With features on the Ekta mainnet such as a self-developed NFT market, DEX, and a decentralized credit platform, Ekta aims to remove the barriers preventing everyday people from accessing capital and assets.

Following their initial decentralized offerings (IDO), $EKTA tokens debut this week on PancakeSwap, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX). The PancakeSwap listing will be the Ekta platform’s first-ever third-party DEX listing, allowing millions of DeFi users to buy and sell Ekta tokens on one of the world’s most popular decentralized exchanges. They listed at $1.80 and as of this writing, reached $2.60.

At launch, Ekta token offers a minimum introductory APY of 400%+ via its Staking Reward System. Ekta’s Staking Reward System rewards initial backers and community members while incentivizing Ekta token holders to stake their tokens in exchange for rewards.

Another key feature of Ekta, in addition to bringing the digital world of blockchain to the real world, is its startup incubator located in Bali, Indonesia. The incubator focuses on developing fast-growing startups that bring sustainability and blockchain technologies to life. Through the incubator, Ekta connects entrepreneurs with potential investors and industry professionals who help guide them through the complexities of early-stage development.

Those interested in buying Ekta tokens can do so via PancakeSwap now. Holders of Ekta tokens are encouraged to stake via a dedicated Dapp hosted on ektaworld.io.

For more information, read the Ekta whitepaper here.

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About Ekta:

 Founded in 2021, Ekta is a blockchain that builds infrastructure for connecting blockchain with the physical world. It focuses on integrating traditional industries and businesses as well as physical assets so that the utility and value of blockchain can be universally accepted through true utility in daily life. Ekta is in Bali, Indonesia. Its blockchain solutions include decentralized exchange (DEX), decentralized finance (DeFi), NFT marketplaces, and tokenization of real-world assets.

To learn more, please visit ektaworld.io.

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