Gamification, Profitable Spreads and the Highest Security Standards: the INANOMO Cryptocurrency Exchange Review

An amazing fact: despite the abundance of exchange platforms in the crypto space, a wide range of users still experience difficulties with accessing crypto exchanges. For many, they are inconvenient, cumbersome, unattractive due to high commissions, and often people turn to services for quick purchase of cryptocurrencies, preferring speed and ease to a supposedly more favorable rate. An alternative to the crypto exchange market was offered by the young and ambitious trading platform INANOMO. Maximum simplicity, profitable order book quotes and low commissions, plus a wide range of tools, including a platform based on the trendy principle of gamification — these are, in short, the advantages that the exchange offers to its clients.

INANOMO is a fintech company whose ecosystem includes a platform of the same name for storing, trading and investing of funds, as well as a game simulator for the initial placement of tokens (IEO) named INO.GAMES. INANOMO sees its main goal as creating a single convenient platform for providing financial services for both crypto trading professionals, and, which is very important, for beginners who want to try their hand at this industry. A training program has been developed for them on the platform, which not only introduces them to the basic concepts of cryptocurrency, but also teaches them the basics of financial literacy. Thus, INANOMO, like a higher educational institution, starts from the very basics, preparing real pros of crypto trading.

Using INANOMO tools, it is really quite easy to buy and sell crypto coins and tokens — the team has been working on the exchange’s functionality for five years. Since 2019, the exchange has started working with clients and since then it has been continuously improved, and today, in 2021, the exchange is beginning to actively attract a mass client, for, according to the team, now the platform finally meets the high standards that its creators set for it — after all, a modern crypto exchange should be able to cope with large volumes of transactions, as well as it has to be perfect from the security point of view.

The number of trading pairs on INANOMO is already more than a hundred including fiat pairs. The commission for a market order is 0.07%, for a pending order 0.06%. With an increase in turnover, the commission fee decreases. A fee of up to 5% is charged for entering fiat, and up to 2.1% for withdrawal. INANOMO is proud that it can offer its users the most profitable spreads on the market — this is achieved due to the trading process based on the order books of several largest platforms, such as Binance, OKEX, Coinbase etc. The exchange aggregates these order books, giving people the opportunity to conclude deals with the best spread — ideally between clients within the exchange, but if the deals do not have a counter deal on INANOMO, they overlap on the exchanges from which the orders were taken.

The INANOMO team has paid special attention to the security system. The security of the platform is achieved through the technologies of the Web Socket API, multiplatform .Net Core, as well as React and Kubernetes open source software. Clients of the crypto exchange can store their funds in INANOMO Wallet. This multi-currency wallet supports the fiat money deposit and withdrawal, operates with more than 30 cryptos, and exchanges assets accurately at the exchange rate, so that customers do not have to overpay for operations. The wallet from INANOMO is secure and anonymous as it uses the Multi-sig wallet technology which requires several signatures for transaction confirmation. Each key is stored in different places, and this measure eliminates the risk of fraudulent actions.

The platform was founded in 2016 by Kirill Sadilov, a former head of the market risks department of the Russian bank VTB, a mathematician by education and a talented trader who came to the field of cryptocurrencies after a successful experience of trading on the stock market. An interesting detail: the INANOMO brand is well known in the world of sports — it is a basketball team that wins competitions from tournaments in Moscow (three times the champion of the city), all-Russian (also three times the champion) and international, where the INANOMO team has also won first place in 3×3 match.

The INANOMO crypto exchange is constantly developing and introducing new functionality to its users. In particular, in 2021, the Ino.Games project was launched, the platform`s own tokens INOM were created, a mobile application and the products for passive investment —  staking and farming — were developed. A long-awaited update was also released: futures and tokenized assets were launched in March 2021.

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