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The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform is being chosen by many developers to build their ideas on the platform, followed by the rapidly growing Binance Smart Chain (BSC) community. To reply to the account and other services on the ecosystem, RocketDoge was built to solve this problem. What is RocketDoge? How to use it? The following article will explain the questions on users and as well as a detailed review of RocketDoge.


RocketDoge allows you to trade cryptocurrencies and tokens without a centralized intermediary, keeping custody of your tokens all the while. It is built on automated smart contracts deployed on Binance Smart Chain, the blockchain platform run by crypto exchange Binance. This meme token has now transformed into a decentralized ecosystem. As predicted, this is going to be the DogeCoin killer in the future.

Even though Binance operates a centralized exchange service, it does not control or operate RocketDoge—it was built by anonymous developers. The service looks and feels very similar to the popular Ethereum DEX, Uniswap. RocketDoge is used specifically for BEP-20 tokens running on Binance Smart Chain, although it’s possible to bring over tokens from other platforms via Binance Bridge and “wrap” them as a BEP-20 token for use on the DEX.

Like many other DEXs, RocketDoge is built on an automated market maker (AMM) system, which relies on user-fueled liquidity pools to enable crypto trades. Rather than dealing with an order book and finding someone else who wants to swap the tokens you have for the ones you want, users lock their tokens into a liquidity pool via smart contracts. That allows you to make the swap you want, and users who keep their coins in the pool earn rewards all the while.

RocketDoge is part of the rising wave of DeFi services that enable crypto traders to conduct transactions with trade tokens without a middleman taking a significant cut of the funds. It is one of the largest such DEXs on the Binance Smart Chain, although there are DEXs on Ethereum (such as Uniswap) with significantly higher average trading volume.


As described above, token swaps take place via liquidity pools between token pairs. Users are able to exchange one type of token for another without an intermediary, while other users who stake their tokens in the liquidity pools earn a share of the rewards generated by transactions.

However, that’s just one part of the overall RocketDoge experience. The DEX also lets you stake coins into so-called Liquidity Pools that provide growing rewards. For example, you can stake tokens, RocketDoge’s native token, and earn even more tokens just by letting it sit there in the Liquidity Pool over time. There’s even an auto-stake option that will re-stake your tokens at least once per hour, continuously compounding your rewards.


RocketDoge operates on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platforms. Make transactions faster and cheap. It will offer decentralized finance services with much lower transaction costs and faster transaction speeds. In addition, RocketDoge is also Swap through Liquidity Pool. It cuts out the middlemen of centralized exchanges, letting other users reap the rewards instead. If you’re willing to lock up your tokens for a while, the rewards can be very plentiful, particularly with some of the liquidity pools and staking options (for $ROCKETDOGE, $SUPERDOGE, $WEDOGE and other BEP-20 tokens with high APY 200%~400%).

For farms, or liquidity pools, you must spend an equal value of tokens in a pair (such as BNB) to purchase LP tokens, which provide liquidity to the DEX and earn you rewards in the process. This liquidity can be removed at any time, and will be disbursed in the individual tokens that were initially swapped for the LP tokens.


Binance Smart Chain is growing quickly as developers take advantage of its low fees and speedier transactions compared to Ethereum. In April 2021, Binance revealed that the platform had executed some 4.9 million transactions in a single day, or three times the amount that Ethereum has ever managed in a day.

RocketDoge doesn’t have the same level of average daily volume as Uniswap or SushiSwap, Ethereum’s two biggest heavyweight DEXs, but it’s already very popular considering the relatively young age of Binance Smart Chain.

If Binance’s decentralized app platform continues to grow and pull in more developers and users alike—and Ethereum’s soaring gas fees and network congestion continue—then RocketDoge may well put up an even stronger fight against rival exchanges in time.

In conclusion, RocketDoge inherits the same beginnings as DogeCoin, but with a professional staff, as well as pre-defined directions, it is expected to be a potential project in the future, and have a chance to achieve the same achievements as DogeCoin. It will be a profitable opportunity for investors, as well as for Liquidity Providers in the future.

📣  Token sale on RocketDoge:

📑   Whitelist form (Seed round) : Click here for registration


  • 8 Sep 2021 ~ 15 Sep 2021
  • Min 500 BUSD ~ Max 5,000 BUSD
  • Price: $0.000000005

💎   Pre-sale :

  • 16 Sep 2021 ~ 15 Oct 2021
  • Amount: 50,000,000,000,000
  • Price: $0.00000001

💎   Public Sale Round 1 :

  • 16 Oct 2021 ~ 15 Nov 2021
  • Amount: 50,000,000,000,000
  • Price: $0.00000002

💎  Public Sale Round 2 :

  • 16 Nov 2021 ~ 15 Dec 2021
  • Amount: 50,000,000,000,000
  • Price: $0.00000003

Unlock on :  December 16, 2021

💵  Token sale Direct Referral Bonus: 10%
💵  Market price: ~$0.0000001+


RocketDoge has an Airdrops Program up to 10 Trillion $ROCKETDOGE (~$1,000,000) via

– Reward: 250 Million ROCKETDOGE ($25)
– Referral : 100 Million ROCKETDOGE ($10)


RocketDoge Community

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RocketDoge contract address : 0x2270528dd9c3aa19906c501aDb279bF88292fA1f




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